We are running out of water. Our way of life is in danger.
Property owners who currently have regular urinals installed at their property, please switch to waterless urinals.
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Our mission is to retrofit ALL flush urinals with URIMAT waterless urinals in the U.S. and save billions of gallons of water that can be used to grow food and fight fires.

  •  No water cost
  • No sewage cost
  •  No chemicals
  •  Touchless (no/low exposure to viruses/bacteria)
  • No exposure to leaks and costly repairs (flush sensor/water leaks)
  • URIMAT is cleaner - better - cheaper
  • The Subscription-based service option makes it affordable, predictable, and scalable

URIMAT urinals

​Cheaper, cleaner, better. URIMAT award-winning design is completely odorfree.


URIMAT hand dryers

Dry your hands in 10 seconds. Quiet, fast, and environmentally friendly.



​Our state-of-the-art self-cleaning system is here. It'll blow your mind!


URIMAT connect

Run ads, Live-TV, sports, or the news. The possibilities are endless. A modern urinal that brings in $.


Urimat urinals are cleaner, cheaper, and better. Say good-bye to dirty old restrooms.

‘Switching to Urimat waterless urinals was a no-brainer. It is cleaner than a regular urinal, it cut our restroom maintenance cost by 35%, and saved millions of gallons of water. A win-win for us and the environment. We never looked back.

Gabe Terrado
General Manager, LuLu's Palm Springs (Urimat client since 2014)

40,000 gal

Savings per waterless urinal

At least 100,000 litres of drinking water per urinal are saved each year.


Cost benefit (Hand dryer)

The annual cost benefit if you use a URIMAT hand dryer instead of towels.

175 g

CO2 reduction (Hand dryer)

Approximately 175 g of CO2 are saved per cubic metre of water.

Efficient green solution
URIMAT is part of the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000 solutions that are clean, profitable, and protect the environment.

Dermatologically gentle
Our biological cleaning agents meet the highest dermatological standards worldwide.

Environment and economy go hand in hand.
Preserve resources and save money.