eco video

Live-TV, news, sports, or promote your product /service. The recessed advertising display features a video screen on which targeted advertising with moving pictures can be added.

The waterless urinal bowl

This sanitary injection-molded plastic is extremely resilient and makes URIMAT waterless urinals shatter-proof.

Extremely light in weight

The waterless urinal is very light at 12lbs, making it extremely easy to install.

Absolute hygiene 

The insulating effect of the special plastic prevents any residue on the surface. The non-porous surface prevents the growth of bacteria and the development of odors.


Item no. 16981 
Colour:  white 
Weight: 12lbs

Modern advertising platform with video technology

The waterless urinal from URIMAT with an integrated advertising display is unique and offers unbeatable advertising effectiveness. This innovative medium has been used to deliver targeted advertising messages for years.

In a constantly changing media landscape, URIMAT never fails to show new ways. With the aid of the latest video technology, moving pictures and information are displayed on a 6.5-inch screen.

The video module can also be retrofitted in the URIMAT ecoplus and URIMAT compactplus waterless urinals.

40 seconds of complete attention

Rent the display as an advertising space and increase your revenue. This is a unique form of ambient advertising, with a level of acceptance far beyond other forms of media. 


Waterless urinals odor trap with vertical membrane technology.

  •  Contactless
  •  Visual change indicator
  •  Resistant to under and over-pressure
  •  Integrated cleaning stone
  •  Frost-proof

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Item: 16981