Partition wall and design element all in one

URIMAT uses stylish urinal partition walls made from Trespa®, glass and stainless steel.

  •  Significant reduction of fingerprints
  •  Easy cleaning
  • Prevents viruses/bacteria from spreading

Privacy screens/walls are being increasingly used in sanitary facilities. In addition to hygiene, privacy is also guaranteed. 

The decorative surfaces of our partition walls are widely resistant to all standard household cleaners. The material has therefore been used for many years in applications where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. No maintenance required.

These durable partition walls have a smooth surface, great hygiene standards and are extremely robust. 

​URIMAT partition walls made from Trespa® and glass are particularly easy to clean and also offer lots of design options in your restroom.


Product Brochure

ESG glass

URIMAT glass partition walls are produced from high-quality, 8-mm thick ESG safety glass. The partition walls are easy to clean and are an ideal design element.

Dimensions (in mm)


  •  Item no.: 35.200
  •  Glass thickness: 8 mm
  •  Properties of glass: Toughened safety glass / Nano-repellent
  •  Bracket finish: Polished Chrome
  •  Packaging weight: 20 lbs

URIMAT Trespa® partition walls are made from high-quality, recyclable, compressed wood and paper fibres, ensuring complete stability and adequate privacy in your restroom.

Dimensions (in mm)


  •  Item no.: 35.001
  •  Glass thickness: 12 mm
  •  Color: white
  •  Bracket finish: Polished Chrome
  •  Packaging weight: 14 lbs

Stainless steel (Inox) partition walls are made from a robust polycarbonate core and high-quality stainless steel cladding. Weighing just 10 lbs, the partition wall is particularly light and gives your restroom a sci-fi feel.

Dimensions (in mm)


  •  Item no.: 35.250
  •  Glass thickness: 7.7 mm
  •  Material properties: Polycarbonate core with a steel cover
  • Bracket finish: Polished Chrome
  •  Packaging weight: 9 kg