MB-Active Trap & Universal Trap

The odor trap with membrane technology improves safety and reliability in sanitary facilities. Our traps can be used in 90% of all waterless urinals in the market.

  •  Touchless by design
  •  Visual change indicator (If it's RED, it's DEAD)
  •  Air tight seal (keeps air pressure at bay (no bubbles - no bad odor entering the restroom)
  •  Integrated cleaning stone (millions of enzymes)
  •  Frost-proof and high temperature resistant
  • Releases a nice clean and fresh scent when in use
  • Next generation design that proofs the economical and ecological benefits

Patented step regulation

The three-fold step regulation of the cover determines the length of effectiveness of the integrated MB-ActiveCube, thus enabling durability to be controlled.

Integrated MB-ActiveCube

The integrated MB-ActiveCube improves hygiene and prevents residue build-up, urine residue and grease on the inside of the odor trap, and in the drain pipe.

Life-cycle indicator 

After the MB-ActiveCube has been removed, the red contact area beneath the transparent cover indicates that the odor trap on the waterless urinal needs to be replaced.

Vertically closing membrane system

The vertical membrane technology ensures absolute odour proofing. Under-pressure and over-pressure are compensated for by the membrane. No sewer gases can escape.

Functional description

Draining urine is fed through the funnel into the odour trap of the waterless urinal and then runs through the vertical membrane into the sewer system.

When there is no more urine flowing, the membrane closes and thus prevents any sewer odors from escaping.


Replacement instructions
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