SteadyFredy LLC is the official U.S. Distributor for URIMAT products.

Our mission is to retrofit ALL flush urinals with URIMAT waterless urinals in the U.S. and save billions of gallons of fresh water that can be used to grow food and fight fires.

40,000 gal

Savings per waterless urinal

At least 40,000 gallons of drinking water per urinal are saved each year.


Cost benefit

The annual cost benefit if you use a URIMAT hand dryer instead of towels.


CO2 reduction

Approximately 6 oz of CO2 are saved per cubic meter of water.

Waterless urinals from URIMAT – the environmentally friendly system

  1. High-tech plastic bowl, CO2-neutral production, 100% recyclable
  2. Unique odor trap technology with integrated cleaning system
  3. Microbiological cleaning system
  4. Urinals can be rented for a simple monthly fee

Swiss quality
Our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
​Yoodeley Yoodeley Yooyuhoo!

Dermatologically gentle
Our biological cleaning agents also meet the highest dermatological standards.

Environment and economy go hand in hand.
Preserve resources and save money.